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Andrea Rose®—award-winning inventor, acclaimed fashion designer, lecturer, artist, and writer—is truly a Renaissance woman. Andrea Rose® was born in Philadelphia and is a cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. She first studied fashion at Parsons School of Design and later in Italy. After an apprenticeship with Halston, she struck out on her own to create her individual fashion statement. As a fashion designer on Seventh Avenue, Andrea Rose® found a sophisticated clientele worldwide with a couture collection that depicted her philosophy of timeless elegance.

After working as a fashion designer on Seventh Avenue for twenty-five years, Andrea Rose® began inventing and was the recipient of the "Female Inventor of the Year" award for her famous online shopping patent that was originally licensed to My Virtual Model, whose clientele included such notable e-retailers as Lands' End, Sears, and H&M, to name a few. Her patented system enables shoppers to build their virtual model, try on clothes, and receive size and fit information, as well as a private fashion consultation based on their body type.

Andrea Rose® has invented the patented Your Stylefitter® Pocketbook Fashion AdvisorTM System to help empower women with the knowledge to become their own fashion expert. Andrea has also written several fashion self-help books, including Secrets of a Fashion Designer: How To Become Your Own Fashion Consultant, 100 Quick Fashion Tips, and 24 Hours of Accessorizing. In addition, Andrea has written and produced the event "A Closet Full of Clothes with Nothing to WearTM", which was designed to teach women the facts behind the mystique of Seventh Avenue. This exciting and informative event offers women the secrets of the fashion industry, helping them take control of their fashion life. Andrea has taken A Closet Full of Clothes with Nothing to WearTM on the road and is planning on bringing it online through live streaming events.

Andrea Rose’s innovative new products take her into the world of beauty and cosmetics. Her innovative beauty lines include ARcosmetics® Instant HighlightsTM, Age Away® Root Color Concealer, FunlightsTM Hairlights, ReAge® skin care products, and the Andrea Rose® line of color cosmetic products. Her collection of beauty products has been marketed on home shopping networks such as QVC and HSN, in catalogs, and online. In addition, Andrea is working on her new line of houseware products, which she plans to bring to market in the near future.

Andrea Rose’s most recent endeavor is the opening of the ARStyleTM Institute, an alternative online fashion destination and community that helps empower women and assists them in taking control of their fashion and beauty life. The ARStyleTM Institute is a place to advance women's awareness and self-esteem through a variety of exciting and innovative programs, products, and services. Read more about the ARStyleTM Institute at: www.arstyleinstitute.com


A Closet Full of Clothes
with Nothing to Wear©

Written, Produced, and Hosted
by Andrea Rose®

"Andrea Rose® is a fashion pioneer."

Andrea Rose's empowerment event "A Closet Full of Clothes with Nothing to Wear©" is exciting, entertaining, and informative. Andrea shares with you the secrets of the fashion industry and provides the tools that will empower and transform the way you think about fashion. Learn More

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