Andrea has always loved observing people and is curious about how life’s circumstances can both enrich and destroy people. She brings her observations about the human condition to her movies. Every one of her characters has something unique to say about life and its many faces. She derives her inspiration from her own life experiences and the experiences of those around her. Andrea’s subject matter is as complex as life itself. Her movie Behind the Veil is an inspiring human adventurer story, Blind Love speaks of the agony of the human spirit, Courage the Cub is a whimsical animated movie that is both entertaining and uplifting, and Behind the Hedges Palm Beach Chronicles is a comedy about the privileged class that is hilarious, tragic, and true to life. She is currently planning on optioning her movies and looks forward to bringing them to both television and the wide screen.

*Behind the Veil© (Dramatic Comedy)

*Blind Love© (Dramatic Love Story)

*Courage the Cub© (Animated Film)

*Behind the Hedges Palm Beach Chronicles© (Television Sitcom)

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